Behind ever good meal, there is story to be told and a memory to go along side with it. The food we prepare and eat, should bring love to the table.  I believe that every bite of food has the ability to not only fuel our body but nourish our mind as well, and this is a major component behind the food I choose to create.

 When I’m in my kitchen, it’s about creating magic on a plate and not just another labeled health food product; we need to understand what food can do for our soul.

From an early age I understood the connection between the energy that locally grown food can deliver in terms of a flavour and health. Having an understanding of what real food actually is, what defines a local product and even what makes a product organic is all part of the food experience

When we stop counting, obsessing, stressing, and ‘dieting’ we begin to feel better, love better, better and live happier. By doing this, our body begins to bring itself back into balance. I don’t believe in labelling the way we eat or classifying food as “good or bad”, instead I look at the context of the food or meal itself.

We should all eat the food we love and love the body we’re in.

Ultimately food should be our sole form of fuel as it should empower us, rather than weigh us down.

Food is simply meant to be eaten and not messed with.