A Grand Welcome

I’m so excited to have this space as a way for me to share my passion and connect with great people all over the world.

I’m hoping that this can become a place where you can draw inspiration, even a place where I can be inspired by all of you. I want to be able to share my passion in a way that you’re able to learn something new, everything from a new culinary technique to a piece of nutritional information that might enhance your daily life. I’ve taken my three worlds culinary arts, holistic health and fitness to create a very balanced approach to my life and a balance I’m here to share and teach others.

Whether you’re a pro in the kitchen or someone that can’t even grasp making eggs, a nutrition expert or someone just starting to dabble into living a healthier life – know that this is a no judgment, non biased zone where I’ll be sharing my personal experiences, good and bad as away to empower you and maybe even bring some likeminded passionate people together.

This isn’t a place where I’m solely going to preach one diet choice, or talk about good vs bad foods because that’s not the way I roll. I’ve used different health methods, such as following the specific carbohydrate diet to then a strict paleo diet, to get me back to health after years of a tumultuous health struggle. Now after coming out top, I’ve learned what works for me, what helps me thrive and what simply doesn’t work. When it comes to balanced health, the most important thing I’ve come to learn is that understanding your body is more important and crucial then stressing out over any diet, obsessing over health and creating any negative energy toward the foods we eat. I no longer see food as “good” or “bad” and I thankfully no longer adhere to stiff food ‘rules’.

I’ll leave you with my personal food mantra that holds major truth in my life, I simply choose to live an unrefined life that welcomes balance.”

Before you leave, check out my links above where you can learn a little more about me, my personal food philosophy and see some of my work.

Welcome to my world, let’s cook together, create conversation around food and live a life with healthful purpose.

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