Avocado Lime PROTEIN Pudding

Hey Gang!

Chef Steph here dropping in for a quick recipe for you guys!

A couple years ago I was known as the Chia Queen, because I basically became a chia pudding hoarder!

I literally couldn’t live without it! Then for whatever reason I fell off the chia train. I really like to rotate my foods so after a period of time I needed a change up. However those chia cravings are starting to kick in, now that the weather has decided to cooperate and be nice!

There are many ways to enhance your chia bowl to A) be satisfying (something I find many chia recipes are not) and B) nutritionally dense. There are ways of adding extra nutrition into your chia bowl, to enhance it’s nutritional profile, some options are:

  • nut/seed butters
  • oils: hemp seed, flax, MCT, dare I say- EVOO (don’t knock it till you try it)
  • Superfoods/Boosters: protein powder, hemp seeds, cacao nibs, maca powder, matcha, spirulina, bee pollen

In terms of what makes a chia bowl satiating:

  • Fat: fat is our holy grail for all things satisfying. It provides that mouth feel that signals our brain with that satisfying feeling – which we need to stop over eating. Fats I love; coconut milk, avocados, oils (as listed above), nut/seed butters, ghee, additional nuts/seeds and coconut.
  • Protein: Yes chia seeds provide protein but for active people, especially if a chia bowl will act as a meal – it’s not quite enough. So adding a protein supplement will be helpful in boosting protein intake and feeling full longer.
  • A touch of sweetness: Have you ever just mixed chia seeds and water , then ate it? It sucks. Period. I mention a touch of sweetness because it helps balance flavours and provides us with that sense of enjoyment. You can do this with; fresh berries or any fresh fruit, dates, raw honey or Manuka honey, a little maple syurp, date sugar (contains fiber) or stevia.

While working the new Genuine Health, Fermented Greek Yogurt Proteins+ I wanted to use this protein to boost a chia pudding recipe. I’ve been reaching for this protein powder particularly because the new fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ is a lifestyle protein and the perfect addition to any smoothie, favourite baked recipe, or can be enjoyed simply shaken with water, milk, or beverage of your choice.

A couple weeks back at work, we had the chance to cater an Avocado Event hosted by The Healthy Maven. One of the recipes I made was a Key Lime Avocado Chia Pudding. I was obsessed with it – with a crispy almond crumble topping, oh my god….heaven. I wanted to take that recipe give it a protein shake up and share it with you guys!

This protein in particular made it extremely creamy and rich, if you want more health information on it, you can read my last post or check out their site page. The main reason I use this protein is specifically because of it’s digestive health support and how it aids in digestion rather then negatively effects it. It also contains 25 grams of fully fermented protein, which is an excellent boost to your daily diet regime!

NOTE: I cut the sweetness in this updates recipe, from my original, because this protein powder contains stevia, and I decided to drizzle the top with a little honey this time around. However I listed the actual amount of honey used in the original recipe and based of you’re preference you can add it or not.



key lime chia 2

Avocado Lime PROTEIN Chia Pudding
Yields: 3 meal servings
{Paleo, Vegetarian}

2 cups almond milk
½ a ripe avocado
2 scoops Genuine Health, Fermented Greek Yogurt Proteins+ Vanilla
Fat pinch Himalayan sea salt
1/3 cup coconut mana (coconut butter)
1/3 cup lime juice
zest of 2 limes1/3 cup chia seeds
Optional: ¼ cup honey

zest of 1 additional lime
Toasted pecans, chopped
Slices of lime
Drizzle of honey (if honey wasn’t added into the recipe)


  1. In a blender, add the almond milk, avocado, protein powder, Himalayan sea salt, coconut mana, lime juice, lime zest and optional ¼ cup honey.
  2. Blend until completely smooth then pour into a container and whisk in the chia seeds.
  3. Let set in the fridge over night over night.
  4. When ready to serve, top with additional lime zest, chopped pecans, lime slices and the drizzle of honey.

key lime chia 3

Happy Friday Guys!

Eat, fuel, thrive….and eat chia 🙂

-Chef Steph

One thought on “Avocado Lime PROTEIN Pudding

  1. Meg says:

    omg i remember calling you the chia pudding queen LOL remember that curry banana one you made? or something like that? omg that was the best one! i loved all of your chia recipes! you’re soooooo inspiring! i am DEFINITELY making this one!


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