It’s Time To Getaway!

Hey Everyone!!!

I wanted to pop and quickly chat about an upcoming trip I’m headed on and I figured I should write a little post about my travels before I head out.

Soon, I’ll be off to Italy where I’m headed on a culinary/yoga retreat with a group of amazing people: some chefs, some yogi’s and some who are just looking for a getaway. We will be staying in Umbria: an Italian region bordering Tuscany, Lazio and Le Marche. Often called the country’s green heart, it’s known for its medieval hill towns, dense forests and local cuisine, particularly foraged truffles and wines. So clearly, it’s the perfect spot to retreat, get into some good cooking and downward dogs.


If you don’t know, I’m a newbie to yoga – regardless of how I currently train and my personal strength, yoga is new to me so I’m looking forward to spending a week really trying to get the most of out it.

L’anima, is being run by two people I truly admire: Rob Gentile, the amazing Chef behind the Buca Restaurants and his stunning wife Audrey who is a phenomenal yoga instructor and wellness expert; essentially they are the dynamic duo.


I’m going on this trip with a fellow lady chef friend of mine (aka the workwife) and I don’t think this could have come at a better time! I’m looking for a little mental reset, some new inspiration and a little passion rejuvenation. I’ve never been to Italy (shocking I know) and this is something I’ve wanted to do for years – and now that it’s happening I can’t believe it’s real.

I plan to eat ALL THE FOOD, no restrictions or hesitations because I want to embrace all the beautiful food this country has to offer. We have a pretty awesome itinerary laid out consisting of wine tours, farm tours, truffle hunting, cooking classes and yoga. In our free time we can do whatever we wish (including the spa and shop!) We ended up booking a couple extra nights in Rome so we can have a slightly extended trip and squeeze in bit more of this amazing country….and pizza + wine.

In terms of exercise, no gym BUT we start every day with 90 minutes of Vinyasa yoga and end the day with 60 minutes of restorative yoga. So there will be plenty of movement, plus I’m sure walking/hiking.

This will be one of most inspiring weeks I’ve had since New York and I really can’t wait to soak up every minute. I will not be blogging while I’m there, but I will do a 2-3 part series when I return to recap the adventure, I need to turn my brain off for a little while!

However I’ll be posting on Snap Chat (Cheftucci) and Instagram (StephanieTucci) mainly, so you can follow along as I attempt to speak Italian, forage amazing food, explore and eat…obviously.

I’ll catch you guys on Social Media 🙂

~ Chef Steph

Arrivederci xo



5 thoughts on “It’s Time To Getaway!

  1. topochinesvino says:

    Inspiring trip! I’m heading to Venice and the Balkans in a few weeks (NYC was this past weekend) and I’m really ready to enjoy myself. We eat zero carbs at home but that must change for our trip. I don’t want to waste my energy working around menus. Of course, we still drink wine – we live in Napa Valley, after all. You may enjoy our wine country blog: Follow us if you like what you see.


    • stucci01 says:

      Amazing! Yes this trip consisted of all the carbs BUT….when it’s made in the country side on a mountain from the locals, you don’t say no. It was perfect! Enjoy Venice, I love NYC – I lived there for a year, such a great city to explore as well!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Danielle @ Wild Coast Tales says:

    This sounds AMAZING, my dream vacation! Putting this one on the bucket list. I’ve always wanted to do a yoga retreat… why not combine it with food! Haha. I was in Italy last year for the first time, I’m sure you’ll love it. The fresh produce and food was just so delicious, and of course the scenery and history!


    • stucci01 says:

      It was hands down the best trip I could have taken, it was literally a week of magic. Im a newbie to yoga and still got SO Much out of it, I’m looking forward to adding in yoga now that I’m back for sure!I’d recommend this 100%


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