Tucci Goes to Italy: Recap Part 1

Hey Hey Gang!

The Italian is back, and trying to get back into action – key word “trying.”

So I’ve returned from my Italian Retreat and literally I’m not sure I could have dreamt up a better experience. I wanted to do a recap of my travels because I have loads to share, so I’m going to split it up into a 3 part mini series so this doesn’t get to long.

This is Part 1 of Tucci Goes To Italy: My purpose, Travel Snacks and Supplements, Movement/Staying Active!

As I mentioned in my last post, prior to me leaving- I attended the L’anima Yoga and Culinary Retreat in Umbria lead by Chef Rob Gentile and his Wife Audrey Gentile (Yoga Instructor Extraordinaire.) We stayed at the beautiful Locanda Del Gallo, and honestly pictures cannot do justice. This country house was so charming, cozy and serviced such fantastic food with views I’ll never be able to fully describe.




This trip was very personal to me and it literally came at the most perfect time – funny how the universe just knows. There were few reasons I went:

  • I wanted to gain a deeper connection with my culture
  • I wanted to explore yoga, something I’ve always shied away from
  • I was looking for some inspiration and to “restart/re-iginte” my brain if you will.
  • I needed a break – period.

I learned so much about myself on this trip, good and bad – which was both scary and refreshing and came back with a notebook bursting with information, scribbles and food sketches. I also learned that hanging out with a group of strangers for a week is fantastic and really allows you to get outside of your comfort zone.


Obviously, eating copious amounts of food was a solid theme of this trip (more on that in Part 2) so I planned ahead with the type of supplements and snacks I was going to bring, and made sure to incorporate some sort of extra movement in the day to keep burning off the pasta J

Travel Snacks:

Between flights, trains, shuttles and hikes – there was a lot of traveling around. So I knew that I needed to be prepared to prevent a hangry traveller which would of lead to copious amounts of gelato stops ha! (But really that would have happened.)

I choose snacks that were main more caloric dense and high fat to keep me satiated longer:

  • Lara bars (The chocolate chip and blueberry bars are my 2 favs)
  • Buff Bakes Nut Butter on the Go Packs – literally open and squeeze. This brand contains protein powder and no sugar alcohols so I new it would be digestion friendly.
  • Dried Banana Chips – I love these, especially when I’m craving sweets. Also, as I learned on this trip, they are fantastic for dealing with motion/car sickness. Keep some in your purse to keep nausea at bay.
  • Dried Golden Berries – I adore these, no sugar added and super tart. Also super great for keeping my energy levels up, high concentrated amounts of antioxidants.
  • Raw Almonds and Cashews

Essentially I’m grateful no one had a nut allergy in our group!




So I didn’t go crazy here, just the essentials:

  • Probiotics
  • Digestive Enzymes – literally life savers
  • Andrenomend: Adrenal support, I started a new protocol when I got back but I brought these to kick start my plan while I was there

Exercise and Movement:

Firstly, I should mention I did not obsess about this AT ALL while I was away; the same goes for my eating routine. I didn’t exercise because I was forced or guilted myself into it, I did it because it’s part of my daily routine here at home – so if I had the chance to stay active at some point in the day then why not do it!


We started every day, with a 7am 15min guided meditation, followed by a 90-minute vinyasa yoga class. Both of which, I’ve never done. It took me 2 days to feel more comfortable with the movements and the mediation part, and at that point I really started to understand why people practice yoga. The only time I’ve ever tried yoga, was about 2 years ago and it was an awful experience – I shall not say where. I learned that it really comes down to the teacher and style, both have to sing to you. I found the classes super challenging, but I loved it because I could apply my strength gained from the gym, in a whole new way.


Aside from yoga, I did 2 intense sprint circuit workouts during the week. We were literally staying mountain side, so the hills were epic.
1 hill sprint, 15 push ups, 15 dips, 15 mountain climbers x 10 rounds

The scenery was amazing, so I also completed 2, 6 km runs. I’m also not a runner, but when you have views like this – you are more then happy to keep running. Also the air is so clear and fresh, so it makes cardiovascular training much more enjoyable.


Along with the runs, at least once a day my roomies and I  would go on killer hike, only if there was no group activity, tour, or traveling that day. I can’t tell you how long the hikes were exactly in terms of kilometres, but they involved trespassing, mud, crossing rivers, hills, slopes and rocks – so you get the picture.



Allowing time in for some movement really helped, especially because I was eating much differently and drinking more wine then I ever consume (again, more on the in part 2.)

One of my goals returning home is to continue my yoga practice, I’m currently on the hunt of a studio that fits what I’m looking for: If anyone is North of Toronto and has great places to suggest please pass them along!

Anyways guys, that’s my recap part 1 – I hope you enjoyed.

Stay tuned for Part 2: Eating in Italy, Gluten, Local Food

Ciao for now xo


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