A Year Of Me

This post is getting real; revealing some truths that some of you may not know, my personal revelation regarding 2017 and some new things I’m putting into out into the universe to accomplish this year!

I find every year social media gets crazy in December with people reflecting on their year, what they’ve learned about themselves, their accomplishments and what they want for the new year ahead. This year was the first year I decided not to share anything, I also decided I wouldn’t set goals for 2017 that didn’t feel 100% true to myself and I also didn’t want to reflect on 2016 (at the time.)

However, after last week’s unfortunate health episode, I had too much time to think, process and understand what I did actually want for 2017 and needing to let go of 2016.

Many people on social media are too quick to discuss and flash only the good, making themselves seem invincible and like they have it together all the time. However, it’s not their fault, that’s just the way social media is designed. It’s designed for selling, capturing, telling the good, the glam, the pretty, the “gains” etc. As someone in the health industry, there is also this expectation of us to eat a certain way, post a certain way and to always seem to have it together.

However, what I truly believe is if you preach authenticity then you should also live it because even us health professionals go through slumps in life and health.

Needless to say, 2016 was the biggest wake up call I could have received. It was a year that really didn’t bring me much happiness, excitement or fulfillment. I did too many things that made me unhappy because I felt like I “had too”, drowned myself in work for a job that really made me miserable now that I look back. I was sick all the time, my hormones fell apart from stress, I got pneumonia, didn’t enjoy enough life experiences and frankly didn’t enjoy my life at all. Pretty negative right?

My best memory of 2016, was going to Italy, led by an amazing chef and incredible yoga instructor that really helped me awaken my internal energy and say WHAT THE F*** AM I DOING??? I spent all my time dwelling, obsessing and hustling for a company that really didn’t show the respect or appreciation back until I reached my breaking point of just being done. It wasn’t until I left that everything started to become clear, however the stress still pained away because I was so angry. I let stress literally take over my life and wellbeing, I didn’t even know who I was anymore other then this unmotivated person which was totally not me.

Last week I was waking up in a hospital room, after a horrific health experience (I’m going to stop there) and everything hit me like a tone of bricks. All of sudden I knew what I wanted 2017 to be for me, I was willing to let go of 2016 and everything that came with it, and I was really ready for change.

What I learned from 2016:

  • I didn’t take enough time for self care
  • I stopped doing what I loved, my one life long passion of cooking became so disconnected
  • I didn’t really live
  • I stopped listening to my gut
  • I didn’t take the time to engage in my other passions
  • I lost my spiritual connection
  • I didn’t ever really put myself first

This post is for those of you who may have found yourself in a similar situation or feelings as I did, for those of you that are not afraid of change, and for those of you who are ready to invest in yourself more. Maybe you’re not ready to share it out load, but you’re ready to internally recognize it. I no longer dwell on the shit that came with 2016 but thank it, I thank it because it’s fuelled my fire to do beyond great things and make 2017 one hell of a bass ass year.


My 2017 goal is to have A Year Of Me so let me break down what this means for “me”:

  • Travel more, not just for work but for fun
  • Read more, if I can read 10 whole books I will literally be a ninja (AND not just health books or cookbooks.)
  • Restore my health to the fullest and achieve an optimal state of living
  • Understand and practice mediation
  • Learn and develop new skills: in any area I choose
  • Get over my handstand fear
  • Say yes to things and opportunities that truly only bring me joy and not out of obligation
  • Be more fearless
  • Finish my business plan

Whatever your goals are for 2017, make sure they truly allow you to thrive and make sure you do take some time to embrace YOU just a little more. Use bad memories, experiences or situations to propel you forward and unleash a side of you, you didn’t think existed.

You’ll be seeing this hashtag on all my social media posts, #ayearofme and I encourage you to chime in, use it and share what you’re experiencing and what you’re doing for yourself: whether it’s sleeping in on a Saturday or going to India – it’s worth embracing!

You know that saying, “You do you girl”…. That’s exactly what I’ll be doing!

Chef Steph




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