Stephanie Tucci (C.N.P), Culinary Nutritionist and Wellness Chef

Falling into the path I lead today was neither an accident nor random decision instead I believe that every step in my life happened in the exact right order. I have devoted my life to living healthfully and yearning to thrive each and every day. I understand what it means to be truly sick and after dealing with a multitude of health issues for 10 years, taking control of my health became my life long priority. Through dealing with a debilitating bowel inflammatory condition, gastritis, polycystic ovarian disease, my immune system went through the works and now, I feel like I know and understand my body better than ever.

I kick started my journey to wellness and health by attending George Brown College in 2009 where I graduated from the Fitness and Lifestyle Management program receiving an advanced diploma and my personal training certification from the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP) and from the Ontario Fitness Council (OFC).


After graduating, my motivation towards the world of holistic and alternative health is what inspired me to continue my educational journey to The Institute of Holistic Nutrition where I’m now designated as a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (C.N.P) Through my experiences as a trainer, former fitness athlete and nutritionist I understood that how we fuel our body is one of the key factors to attaining overall health.

My next step was truly a no brainer after growing up being surrounded by culinary geniuses within my family I developed a deep-rooted passion within the world of Culinary Arts. So I moved on to attend The Natural Gourmet Institute in Manhattan, New York; a health supportive culinary arts program. Upon graduation I spent the remainder of my time working with the New York Kitchen scene: Pure Food and Wine, Hu Kitchen and Mercer Kitchen to name a few. After working and studying under a some amazing health supportive chefs I felt so empowered by all these different ways of exploring and creating beautiful food.


I believe we have the power to control and redirect the state of our health and what we eat plays a huge role in our overall health and healing.  Whether I’m in my kitchen or yours my goal is change the way you see and eat food the way to see food!



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